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Silent Hunter 3 Community Day 5/3/05
Saturday brought us rain, broken trains, engineering works, password-protected PC’s, and, more importantly, our very own Silent Hunter III community day. The most hardcore submarine fans surfaced in our very own ground floor boardroom in order to spend the day diving, firing “eels”, and playing with sailors. All in all, it was great fun.

We initially opened the day letting our enthusiasts watch some trailers, interviews, and tutorial videos of Silent Hunter III before making them watch a small demonstration of the game by myself. As soon as they saw SH3 in action, they were gob-smacked. The weather, the ships, the subs, everything impressed them. Once their appetites were whetted enough, we let them loose on the PCs. And we didn’t hear a single peep from them except gasps of joy.

After an interesting lunch supplied from a local deli place, we started some multiplayer sessions. Again, silence prevailed. Silent Hunter III is a beautiful game and incredibly accessible, these guys are, admittedly, enthusiasts but this game is better than they ever expected – and some of them admitted that on the day.

“i was not prepared for the intense graphics and 3D sound effects it just totally blew me away!!!”

“This sim has a thoroughly believable and beautiful world and it hit me in the face as soon as I stepped outside.”

“another aspect of the game that was stunning, the sound”

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