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What submarine models will be playable?
We plan to have 4 different U-Boat types in 10 versions. In the career mode, the U-Boat types will be accessible based on historical availability starting with Type II and ending with the Type XXI.

Why German side again?
Because the German U-Boat campaign offers the largest submarine warfare background, the most impressive technological advances in the field and covers the widest geographical area.

What kind of campaigns can we expect?
SH3 will offer players a campaign mixing dynamic elements with scripted elements. However, the main strength of the campaign will be the alternatives it offers the players: multiple theatres of operations, a crew progressing along with the player, access to upgrades depending on player’s performance including access to experimental weapons and technologies.

What is crew management?
Crew management will offer players control over his crew on two levels.
The first level, during the missions the player will have the possibility to assign his crew to critical locations according to the situation: assemble a repair team for damage control, move extra crew to the torpedoes room for quicker reload or send the wounded to quarters.
The second level, during the campaign players will be able to promote or replace crewmembers, award them decorations or train them to be specialists in specific field like diesel/electric engines, flak guns, torpedoes, sonar, etc.

What characteristics will crewmembers have?
Each crewmember will have a unique name, a record of patrols, military rank and his decorations. The basic stats will be morale and fatigue. Petty officers and officers will also have access to specialties.
And you will be able to see them in 3D.

What about the Mission Editor?
From the SH2 community we learned that is essential to give the fans the tools to take the game further. The mission editor included with the game should satisfy this expectation.

What are the main differences compared to SH2?
A radically different 3D graphics engine, a new physics engine, a new damage system, new AI, a different campaign system, a different approach to game play covering a wider spectrum of tastes… just to name a few of the differences between SH2 and SH3.

What about multiplayer modes?
For the time being there are two modes:
Cooperative versus AI – wolfpack missions.
Competitive versus AI – top ace missions.

What kind of missions will there be?
SH3 will try to cover several types of mission inspired from the real actions of U-boats ranging from normal patrols with free roaming of the ocean in a patrol area to more historical scenarios inspired from real naval battles. Players will get a chance to be involved in single ship hunting, convoy battles in wolfpacks or cooperate with surface and air units in attacking enemy targets. Among other features, the player will have the option to replenish at sea, as well as access to reconnaissance plane assistance.

What about mods?
We intend to allow the fan community the possibility to change as much as possible in the game. Currently we’re focused on finalizing the game, so we cannot give more details.

To what extent will weather be modelled?
We intend to have 3 basic environments (arctic, Atlantic, tropical) each with their specific meteorological phenomena – storms, fog, wind. Just to have an idea of the details we want, expect to meet icebergs on the ocean.

How will SH3 be scalable to different players?
Beyond the normal realism setting ranging from novice to expert, we have features allowing players to get exactly what they want from the game.
If you want to experience a dramatic spectacle there will be event cameras, external view, cooperative AI and so on.
If you want to go through the entire tension of slowly approaching a convoy at horizon in immersion, while checking nervously the gauges or listening on the sonar for the enemy contacts, it’s all there.

How detailed will the simulation be?
At the physics level we’ll have an accurate floating system supporting varied behaviours for damaged or sinking ships, aerodynamics for aircrafts and ballistics for shells and bullets. For example, a ship hit in the bow will sink bow first.
The damage system relies on a detailed modelling of ships and aircraft models, with destructible parts, destructible internal equipment and cargo, having an impact on the behaviour of the damaged ship or airplane.
For example, a ship hit in the ammo store will blow up with multiple secondary explosions.
The sensors will function in a realistic way making the AI to imitate human error. You will get to see destroyers pursuing fake contacts or you will be able to trick the sonar and insert your U-Boat inside a convoy.

What do you mean by 3D interface?
SH3 will have 3D interior modelled to some extent. The command room, the radio and sonar room, the conning tower, the conning deck, the flak guns and the deck gun will be accessible locations.
The interior is modelled in detail with all the control and feedback instruments available to use. It will be possible to access manually all the controls in 3D.

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